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PNW were asked to look at how to extend this modest listed cottage in Oxfordshire so that it could more easily function as a family home. The ground floor was comprised of a living room and a small galley kitchen. Some dining space and a larger kitchen space were essential.This was achieved by introducing a shallow pitched extension with a slate roof.

The slate roof allowed a shallower pitch that just managed to maintain a reasonable eaves height. A sense of spaciousness was achieved within the extension by keeping the ceiling vaulted and introducing rooflights but and importantly lights within the eaves as well. So that the rear of the property was not overwhelmed by extension the return of the extension alongside the access drive is flat roofed with lead rolls. This side return contains space for cloaks, boiler, washing machines etc so that they do not impinge on the kitchen dining room. The above was nursed through Oxfordshire’s sensitive planning and listed building departments.

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