Giggling Squid invited PNW to look at the former Jamie’s in Cambridge to be a Giggling Squid Restaurant. It would be their largest and most ambitious restaurant to date. The building is Grade II listed and a former public library with a dramatic central domed space.


Our advice was to work with the existing Jamie’s layout as much as possible and keep physical building changes to a minimum and focus on a new decorative presentation.

This was done however there were still certain changes required to the fabric of the building and these were all detailed, discussed and agreed carefully with the conservation department.


The works started on site and were well underway when the covid crisis struck and the project had to be halted.  Scroll on to August and the news that the lockdown arrangements were to be eased.


The contractors restarted on site and completed the remaining works ready for the summer opening.

The interior works included a large free standing gazebo under the central dome. This was fabricated in China and delivered and assembled the night before the opening.

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