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This pub is part of the regenerated Piries Place mixed-use development in Horsham town centre. The site was a former supermarket, and as such presented the opposite problem from what is usually experienced when developing pubs for The White Brasserie Co. In short, there was almost
too much space, most of which was five-metres high and without windows! Fortunately the supermarket had a relatively attractive shop front at the top of the town’s pedestrianised shopping streets. This was opened up to form the pub frontage.


Within the Piries Place development a new dining-orientated shopfront was created next to the Everyman cinema with an external eating area facing the piazza. This created the general orientation for the interior with the L-shaped plan requiring a flow from pub to dining area within. The generous
interior allowed The White Brasserie Co to consider some things that they had not tried before, such as Tanked Beer. Most beer is pasteurised and stored in barrels in a chilled cellar. Tanked beer allows beers to be served fresh and unpasteurised. The beer is stored within copper tanks with their own in-built cooling system. The lofty interiors of this site allowed for the introduction of these large tanks over the bar servery and another two in the dining area.


The bar area is double-height behind the opened up shop front, and a baronial feel is achieved with suspended antler chandeliers. Patrons move out of this space into a more cosy lower-ceilinged bar area and then back out into a lofty brasserie type dining room.

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