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Following the success of Brasserie Blanc Bournemouth, PNW Studios was asked to design a Brasserie Blanc for Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel in Hale Barns. Unsurprisingly, the hotel is aimed predominantly at the business traveller, and so required a different response to the Bournemouth project. The spatial flow from the reception into the bar area was good, but the bar itself was uninspiring and visually cut-off from the dining area by a corridor wall. Furthermore, a large portion of the dining room was occupied with breakfast servery counters and has relatively little seating.


One of the principal design moves was to install an attractive island bar within the bar area. This features a counter that can accommodate seated diners. The bar design includes an attractive brass section upper fitting that can be securely closed at night.


The non-structural wall between the bar and dining area has been removed, providing a greater sense of space and connectivity. Banquette seating and reeded glass screens provide further articulation.

The utilitarian serveries that occupied so much of the dining space have been pushed back into the kitchen areas so that a large and inviting feature banquette can occupy the dining room conservatory. The conservatory itself has been refurbished with new blinds, foliage and lighting.

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