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The Boot had become a down at heel public house in the centre of Histon village near Cambridge. While there was a large garden and adequate parking, the footprint of the original building was too small to succeed commercially. The main design move was to provide additional floor space (at minimal cost) by linking the existing pub to a two-storey outbuilding that had formerly been used as a brewery.


To satisfy the planners, the new link structure had to be modest in appearance so as not to detract from the original buildings. The structure comprises an exposed green oak frame set on a masonry plinth with generous windows and French doors. A pair of existing arched vaults have been opened up to facilitate access between the link and the outbuilding.


Another key decision was to relocate the kitchen to the outbuilding, freeing up valuable space inside the pub. Last but not least, a hearth and fireplace were reinstated into one of the original outlying rooms, creating a welcoming and cosy snug.

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