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This dilapidated Surrey pub was the verge of collapse; fenced off from the public with a leaking roof and damp walls. However, the location was good with plenty of passing trade, car parking space, and the potential for some very pleasant gardens. Many design options were explored and priced, but
the one that unlocked the project was the provision of a link building between the main pub and a dilapidated outbuilding. This enabled a significant amount of additional floor space to be achieved within the project budget.


The design of the link building is in the manner of typical farm stable blocks that can be observed in the surrounding countryside. The timber frame was constructed from reclaimed oak piles that had been pulled out of the mud in Portsmouth harbour. The next challenge was to get everything built
before the vital Christmas trade. The contractor really pulled the stops out, working in dire weather conditions to construct the link building, rebuild the dilapidated outbuilding and refurbish the pub in just 11 weeks. The local community were really positive about the project and received a wonderful
Christmas present.

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